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News createt: 10-05-2012 14:30:00

Help from Elvis fans needed

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Todd Slaughter has kindly asked Graceland Randers to send his message out to all of you Elvis fans:


Hi guys, can you help me?

I have been commissioned to produce a 90 minute radio special for the 35th anniversary of Elvis' death. Everything that has been said about Elvis has been repeated many times over, so I am looking for a different approach. I want to celebrate the power of Elvis' global out-reach, and I am anxious to have sound-bites from as many fans as possible - no more than 10 seconds long. I am also looking for fans who can come out with one-liners similar to John Lennon's "Before Elvis there was nothing". Every contributor will receive a CD copy of the broadcast. Sound bites are to be emailed to:

Thank you,