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News createt: 24-05-2012 13:00:00

Graceland Randers is ready for summer!

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More than 70 new effects at Graceland Randers - total value of more than DKK 1 million!

The Elvis Museum has expanded the collection with:

- The cufflinks that President Nixon gave to Elvis during their meeting in The White House in 1970!

- Elvis’ private and secret phone (camouflaged in a cigarbox) which was placed in The Jungle Room at Graceland

- The plate that Elvis ate from on his weddingday

- Several of Elvis’ personal policebadges – he was very interested in policework and he collected policebadges

- Clothes (shirts and sweaters)

- Elvis' jacket from the year 1955 – very unique to have clothes from the early years!


5 new suits:

- 2 suits that have belonged to Elvis' chorist, Sherrill (Sean) Nielsen, 1 suit that belonged to Elvis' drummer, Ronnie Tutt – all suits are ordered by Elvis himself for shows and are designed by Elvis' own costumier!

- 2 suits that belonged to Elvis! (Black denim with rivets, green velvet with a white shirt)

- The military hat that Elvis was wearing when he flew home from his military service in Germany


Besides that you find:

- The Million Dollar Quartet master tape from the world's first rock’n’roll jamsession starring Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins

- The bass which was used during the recordings of ”Suspicious Minds”, ”In The Ghetto”, ”Kentucky Rain”, ”Don’t Cry Daddy” and several other great hits

- The Gibson Dove guitar that Elvis used on his tour in 1975-76

- Our new bronze full-size Elvis statue!


We look forward to seeing you all at Graceland Randers - we wish you a WONDERFUL SUMMER :)