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News createt: 24-08-2012 09:35:00

"From Elvis to Elvira: My Life On Stage"

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 Richard Sterban from the iconic country group, Oak Ridge Boys, has a new book “From Elvis To Elvira: My Life On Stage.”

The memoir chronicles the bass vocalist's childhood in New Jersey, to touring with Elvis Presley and becoming a member of the Oak Ridge Boys. It showcases some of his career highlights, including his encounter with Elvis Presley.

“The book has a unique title,” he acknowledged. “The day that I met Elvis stands out in my mind more than anything. It changed everything for me and it made me realize why he was the biggest star in the world. He had such great charisma and magnetism. I was a part of the biggest tour in the world. Fans of Elvis Presley and the Oak Ridge Boys are certain to find this book very interesting since there are some great stories in there.”