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News createt: 30-08-2012 09:40:00

New film about Elvis

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BiteSize Entertainment options Elvis Presley project. The film will be called Growing Up Graceland based on David E Stanley and Dr David Gruder’s book Conversations With The King: Journals Of A Young Apprentice.

The movie will follow Stanley's 17-year relationship with Presley, who happened to be his stepbrother and mentor. Stanley moved to Graceland when he was just four years old, and grew up to be a personal aide to The King. The film is also said to have a spiritual slant, as it delves into the big questions that Elvis was asking before he passed away in 1977.

Most of the films about Elvis made after his death have been small made-for-TV projects, so it will be interesting to see if BiteSize can create something a bit more high profile to tell this story.