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News createt: 02-09-2012 13:00:00

Donny becomes ‘Elvis’

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During his growing up years, people always told Donny that he looked like Elvis, which he says he was proud of but adds that he never really saw the resemblance himself. Then, in 2001, Donny went to Las Vegas on a vacation with his wife and everywhere he went people were asking where he performed and whether they could take a picture with him. He says he declined, telling them he wasn’t an Elvis impersonator.

Donny recalls that during this trip he visited Elvis-A-Rama and “met a couple of guys there who were ETA's and they couldn't believe I hadn't ever done anything with my look, and told me I should think about it. So when I got back to Texas I pondered it for about a year and then in the Fall of 2002 a local contest came up in my hometown of Lake Jackson, Texas and my family and friends talked me into entering it so I did  - and won. For the next few months I went to other contests and realized the more I hit the stage the more I liked it. Just 4 months after hitting the stage for the first time I landed a gig in a casino in Oregon with other ETA's called "Elvis Elvis Elvis" for Greg Thompson Productions. There I learned from the best:  Garry Wesley, Johnny Thompson, and Reggie Randolph.”

Experience him in Randers, 22th September at Værket.

You can purchase tickets through Værkets billetsalg.

Price kr. 316 / 276 / 236