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ABC 24 News Report about Circle G Foundation

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A Circle G Foundation report from ABC 24 News. Visit Circle G Foundation at

"(It's where the king became a cowboy. That's how Elvis fans describe the ranch in Horn Lake, Mississippi where he and Priscilla spent their honeymoon.

The Circle G Ranch was one of the king's favorite getaways in the 60's and 70's. Now, it's neglected and falling apart.

The ranch has been for sale for years. In 2010 a group of fans started a non-profit to save it. Their campaign has gone worldwide, and if enthusiasm were enough they'd be set. But the foundation is short one very big thing: money.

"This is another place to visit," says Tony Benison, a fan in town from England. "(Fans) go to Tupelo. They go to Graceland and they just wonder where else can we go?"

The Circle G is an Elvis fan's dream.

"You can't keep going back and forward to the house all the time," says Benison. "This is Elvis' place, where he spent his honeymoon." And where Elvis rode horses and went to get away from it all.

"We see it as the Elvis Golden Triangle," says Lesley Pilling, founder of the Circle G Foundation. "You have Graceland, Tupelo and the ranch." But the king's days are a distant memory from the looks of the ranch today.

"It's just a lovely place to be and it's ruining, it's all falling down," Benison says.

The Circle G Foundation is trying to turn things around. They want to restore the ranch so fans can experience it the way Elvis did.

"We have ambassadors in Denmark, in Italy, Australia, South Africa, the UK and in Ireland," Pilling tells She and fellow members in town for Elvis Week met with Horn Lake's mayor Friday morning.

"It's the most down to earth reasonable idea so far I've seen," says Mayor Nat Baker.

But the fans have yet to find a buyer. The purchase price is nearly four million dollars. They need someone with money to jump on board.

"An Elvis fan who appreciates the significance of the ranch," says Pilling. "That'd be brilliant," adds Benison.

They say Elvis loved the ranch's lake, its bridge and the cross. They're worried with time, those will be lost forever.

"If the Elvis part of it disappears," says Pilling. "If the cross falls down, the bridge falls down or if the house deteriorates, then that value's gone."

That would be these Elvis fans' nightmare.

The foundation is also applying to put the ranch on the national historic register. They're going to submit the application very soon. If approved, the ranch would legally have to be protected. It's just one of many options the group is working on to save the Circle G)"