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News createt: 30-09-2012 13:40:00

Lisa Marie working in a fish shop

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Lisa Marie and her 19 year old son, Benjamin, have recently been standing behind the counter in the van "Mr Chippy" in East Sussex, UK. She wanted to learn about the British way of life so she spent a day serving up fish and chips to locals. Kim Scales, owner of "Mr Chippy" og landlady of village pub "The King's Arms", tells: "She got on there with her son, but we were all laughing because not one of the locals realised who it was. She served one local double fishcake and chips and he didn't have a clue that she was Elvis Presley's daughter.

Mrs. Scales was asked if she wanted to hire Lisa Marie and her answer was: "No way! She got the fish all upside down and was totally cack-handed."

Lisa Marie is said to be a huge fan of traditional English food, and loves nothing more than fish and chips and a pint of Guinness in The King's Arms.

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