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News createt: 25-01-2013 10:45:00

Update: Red and Sunny West!

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Sandi Pichon has sent this e-mail to us today...

Here is the TRUTH regarding both Red and Sonny West's health. This is bang-up-to-date information that is 100% factual.


Red: This evening I heard DIRECTLY from Pat, his wife for over fifty years. She wants me to thank all of you for your concern and she informed me that Red had bypass surgery last Saturday and abdominal surgery just before that. He's doing fine, making progress every day and is expected to leave the hospital soon.

Sonny: He is recovering extremely well and is now at home after being in rehab for over a month learning how to swallow and eat again. For those that don't know, Sonny was diagnosed with throat cancer and the chemo and radiation has been harsh. Thankfully, he is now in remission and hopefully the cancer will never come back. He's getting his strength back and is also much better.

There is a false rumor circulating on the Internet that Sonny has had a stroke, that is completely false.


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