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News createt: 25-01-2013 15:00:00

Auction: Painting by Elvis musicians

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TCB band and The Imperials doing art painting. See it at Graceland Randers. By buying the painting you can help us with saving lives.

TCB band and The Imperials was for 4O years ago on stage with Elvis Presley at the show "Aloha from Hawaii". In January 2013 they celebrating the anniversary and commemorate Presley, who would have turned 78 years if he was still among us. This is done by reinstating the show in countries like Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Denmark. In connection with the show performance in Randers, Denmark, the musicians painted to help us. We are a humanitarian organisation whose mission is to spread knowledge in Denmark of how to take action to save someone’s life. We stage courses in first aid and organise conventions and various events. Profits are used to buy defibrillators for sports clubs, schools and other popular venues. In Denmark, the survival rate among the 3,500 people who suffer cardiac arrest each year is a mere six per cent.

One of the reasons for this is that help is not given quickly enough. Many Danes are not capable of delivering the necessary first aid which can save someone’s life. By providing defibrillators and increasing knowledge of first aid techniques, we can change these statistics.