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News createt: 16-06-2013

Humes Stay Humes High

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Humes High School where Elvis Presley Graduated on June 3, 1953 - will not change its name to Bravo Academy. There was major talk of  a name change when the school switched over to a fine arts musical academy. 

The news comes from Elvis' loyal friend, George Klein who spoke with Billy Orgel, President of the Memphis Board of Education. 

Here is the Facebook post from George Klein:
"GREAT NEWS!  Today, I spoke to Billy Orgel, President of the Memphis Board of Education - SUPER NICE guy! He put a stop to having the name changed from Humes High to Bravo Academy. It will remain Humes High School. He is on the same page as everyone....THANKS to all of you who voiced their opinion. Billy will also be at the unveiling of the historic plaque on 8/13 in front of the school! Thanks, Billy"

Humes High School is located in Memphis at  659 North Manassas Street. The building was built in 1924, and  was placed on the list of National Register of Historic Places in 2004. A historic marker will be dedicated at the former location of Humes High School on August 13th.

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Thank you for the info: Elvis Presley fans of Nashville