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News createt: 09-07-2013

Humes High Marker

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The ceremony for the Humes marker is one month from now. The Humes school will be managed by Gestalt Community Schools, who operate five charter schools in Memphis. The school will be called Humes Preparatory Academy, so the Humes name will be kept.
The marker ceremony will begin at 10 AM, and will take about an hour. Most of that ceremony will be held inside the school's air conditioned auditorium. The marker will be unveiled inside the auditorium for all to see. School children will recite the Pledge of Allegiance, then a representative of the school will speak. George Klein will speak, and perhaps the sponsor of the marker, Dell Morgan will attend and be recognized. Jimmy Ogle will act as master of ceremony. Kevin Kern of Elvis Presley Enterprises is co-coordinating the media coverage. 
At the end of the ceremony we will carry the marker outside to the front of the building, and place it upon the marker post. 
Seating inside the auditorium will begin about 9:30 AM. 
We are also trying to arrange the Elvis exhibit at the school so that all who attend the ceremony can view it without disrupting the students and teachers. Currently, the exhibit is inside one of the classrooms.
The above is an informal description of the marker ceremony based upon a meeting today at the school.