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News createt: 21-08-2013 13:20:00

Watch TV from Graceland Randers!

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Every Sunday evening for the next six weeks at 10, you can on Channel East Jutland, experience a number of known and popular artists perform their own hits and a single Elvis song at Graceland. In the program they will talk about Elvis' importance to them and stories from their own exciting life.

The host is Stig Ulrichsen, also known as a writer and owner of concert agency CB & Ole B. Booking A/S in Randers. The performers are Lis & Per, Stan Urban, Brian Trøjborg (Elvis impersonator), Michael Kratz, Joane Reinholdt and Susanne Lana.

In each program Henrik Knudsen will show an objects from the museum and talk about its importance to Elvis Presley.