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News createt: 27-08-2013

Our guest from Spain!

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I entered Graceland walking through it’s "Love Me Tender" gates after a nice walk. The sun was shinning upon that Tupelo shotgun shack. “The bull, el toro, made no regrets”, I can’t help smiling as I walk staring at the Elvis sculpture, this music makes me feel at home. I stood at the main entrance and started taking some pictures. I’ll never recognize that I was hoping for Elvis to come outside and ask me to enter. I run the steps two at time, looked both sides and open the door carefully. I had no clue about what I was about to discover. Patterned carpets, peacock doors, people of all ages having a nice Saturday morning at the king’s palace. I shyly asked for a ticket and went downstairs. A phrase written on the floor welcomed me. “Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in…” and my mind went on:“ miracles, I guess, still happen now and then….WOW! Look at that…everything” It took me some minutes to get focused again and set my smartphone. The exhibition is composed of many interesting objects and interesting links provided by QR codes. I have never been to Graceland, I had never been to Graceland Randers before but I’m sure I’ll come back. That place has something special. Maybe it’s because of the warm atmosphere generated by the presence of Henrik, the boss. Maybe it’s because of the incredibly valuable pieces that you can find here. Maybe it’s because Graceland Randers brings you the chance to step into a legend that can’t be hidden to the eyes of the whole mankind. Personally, I’m really impressed. I’m a young fan, in fact, I’ll never get to understand the power supplied by Elvis onstage nor his ways in his common life. My Graceland Randers T-Shirt is coming with me to Spain. Today, more than ever, I felt proud of being an Elvis fan. Thank you so much. Teresa Monteagudo